Our Vision & Mission

“Universal Access to SRHR”..."Achieve Universal Access To SRHR, Through Advocacy and Health Promotion."


CRHE is a non-governmental organization primarily working to improve the Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) of Zambia’s population through various projects, programs and activities carried out. As required by the Laws of Zambia, CRHE has been registered with the Ministry of Community Development NGO Registration Unit. CRHE support country-level advocacy for reproductive health. Ensures accountability by tracking country commitments to the United Nations Population Fund’s (UNFPA) International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) Programme of Action, the Family Planning (FP2020) providing technical assistance and support to groups of civil society, parliamentarians, and country ministry officials .

Management Organogram

CRHE values teamwork and prides itself in its diverse multi talented team holding various skillsets that enable us acheive our strategic goals in line with our vision and mission.

The Board of Directors (BOD) acts as the policy and direction setting body. The BOD meets quarterly to; review the organization’s progress to the strategic plan, consider committee proposals, set directions, and make decisions. The Executive Director is ultimately responsible for the operation of all programs, the management of fiscal resources, the supervision of all staff and for overseeing the delivery of CRHE programs/projects to the communities. He is responsible for working closely with the Board Chairperson and the Board of Directors and reports to the board to fulfil the organization governance requirements.

The Programs Manager is responsible for the effective planning and deployment of the organization’s core projects and activities. The Monitoring and Evaluation Manager provides support to the programs team and management on programs/projects performance. The Finance and Administration Manager provides the overall finance and administration management. The Programs Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager and Finance and Administration Manager all report to the Executive Director.

Officers and Board Members both serve for a 3-year term and can petition the Board for renewal. However, the renewal of Board Members can only be done to a maximum of 2 terms. The Board meets quarterly, with the fall session dedicated to a short- and long-term strategic planning process where goals are set and action plans are developed. These action plans are monitored during the quarterly Board meetings with adjustments made as necessary to ensure that targets and goals are met. The Board also approves budgets, marketing plans, and business plans.

Reports to the board of Directors. Responsible for all programmes operations.

Executive Director

Reports to Executive Director. Responsible for fiscal resource management.

Manager Finance/Admin

Reports to the Executive Director. Responsible for Programmes Management.

Manager Programmes

Reports to Executive Director. Responsible for organization monitoring and evaluation operations.

Manager M&E

Reports to the Progammes Manager. Responsible for SRHR education programmes.

SRHR Officer

Reports to the Programmes Manager. Responsible for ASRHR awareness programmes.

ASRHR Officer

Reports to Programmes Manager. Responsible for gender related programmes.

Gender Officer

Reports to Programmes Manager. Responsible policy & advocacy programmes.

Policy/Advocy Officer

Reports to Finance Manager.Responsible for accounts payments and budget management

Assistant Accountant

Reports to the Finance & Administration Manager. Responsible for office administrative operations

Office Assistant

Reports to Finance & Administrative Manager. Responsible for office administrative logistical support operations

Logistics Officer