A society free of ill sexual health, in which people enjoy sexual health rights and better SRH&R information and services, regardless of race, age, gender and geographical location

      Mission Statement

      We serve the people of Zambia by promoting SRH&R that enhances sexual health rights, information and services for all. We fulfill this promise through our core competencies which are as follows;
           Education and training
           Policy Engagement
           Lobbying and Advocacy
           Networking and sharing of best practices  
      SRH&R Education
          Uses peer education, SMS platforms, radio programs and social media for SRH information dissemination and linkage to SRH services
      •   Empowerment through capacity building for young people to enable meaningful participation in all districts

      •    Development of analysis tools and conduct landscape assessment plans 
      •    Development of lessons learned tools in SRH

      •    CRHE leverages its Advocacy technical know-how to push for budget allocation and formation of technical working groups to strengthen governance in FP at both National and District level
      •   Advocating for increased funding towards FP commodities
      •   Advocates for strengthened reproductive health laws and policies that supports increased access and promote quality sexual and reproductive health services.  


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